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Diving for Beginners and Cava

Diving for Beginners and Cava
Diving for Beginners and Cava

Includes: a diving experience and treasure hunt

Go on a diving adventure to hunt for secret treasure: a bottle of local cava!  

This beginner’s course is the first step into the world of diving. It’s a great way to discover the ocean’s hidden secrets and experience the beautiful world underwater.

The dives are carried out in groups and they are accompanied by qualified instructors at all times. They will guide you through the incredible world of diving.

We dive down to the sea floor to look for a chest containing secret treasure: a bottle of cava. After taking a photo with our discovery, we bring it back up to the surface to drink. This experience allows you to enjoy the amazing biological diversity both above and below the sea.

Minimum age for the activity: For the beginner’s course, the minimum age is 14 and for alcohol consumption it’s 18
Minimum and maximum group numbers: The group runs with a minimum of 2 people and maximum 6 people
Duration: It lasts approximately 3 hours
Price: €65
Other experiences:  Standard diving, boat trips with diving and snorkeling. (Ask for more information)


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